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The type of services and equipment that a production needs can sometimes be tough to get in local areas distant from production centers. The good news is that Palm Springs Locations and Film Services is here to help you find the vendors you need.

There are various professional services located in the greater Palm Springs area that serve the needs of productions coming into our region.

The list on the right gives you an idea of what we have here, with a few of my notes taken from experience or word of mouth. I will be happy to send you a list of companies and their contact info upon request. I do my best to vet these companies to make sure they are good and work well with productions.

Disclaimer: Although services and vendors listed here are or have been considered available in the past, and I try to keep my information as up to date as possible, the nature of the region is such that some individuals or companies listed may be unavailable at this time. Thank you for your understanding.


Aircraft / Drones

Animal Wranglers


Camera Equipment

Casting / Talent


Cranes / Jibs

Expendables / Tape
Ram Board

Fashion Shoot Equip.

Foggers / Hazers

Generators / Elecrical

Grip / Lighting Equip.

Heating / Cooling / Ice


Picture Vehicles

Props / Dressing


Street Sweeping

Tents / Tables / Chairs

Traffic Control


Waste / Trash / Toilets

Water Trucks

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